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NBA playoff schedule
spt ap NBA Finals
In this Jan. 18 file photo, Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry (30) knocks the ball loose from Cleveland Cavaliers LeBron James (23) duriing the first half of an NBA basketball game in Cleveland. James knows theres no stopping Stephen Curry. The Cavaliers, healthier and better built for the NBA Finals than a year ago, feel their best chance to beat the Warriors is to contain the MVP and sideman Klay Thompson from splashing 3-pointers for four quarters. - photo by AP Photo


Boston 107, Dallas 89 (Boston 1-0)

Boston 105, Dallas 98 (Boston 2-0)

Boston 106, Dallas 99 (Boston 3-0)

Dallas 122, Boston 84 (Boston 3-1)

Boston 106, Dallas 88 (Boston 4-1)